About Us

Charcuterie (/ʃɑrˌkuːtəˈriː/): the art of preparing meat products, particularly those preserved, cured or smoked according to tradition. Includes cured meats, pates, spreads and sausages.

Centuries ago in France and Italy, curing meat was a common method of preservation. Whether it was artisan sausage-making, salting and drying whole legs of prosciutto, or creating perfectly smooth terrines, charcuterie was a culinary art form. However, despite today’s technology and production capacity, very few producers have attempted to resurrect that Old World charm using modern practices – except Joshua Smith and his team at New England Charcuterie.

Joshua’s career began at Dean & DeLuca, where he apprenticed under French Master Chef Charles Semail, learning to balance the old with the new. After Dean & DeLuca, the Four Seasons hospitality group in Seattle and Boston hired Joshua to train new teams, write new menus, and launch new concepts for the brand.

The Boston area, steeped in immense history and brimming with innovation, was the perfect place for Joshua to develop New England Charcuterie. The mission is simple: make the best charcuterie with the most advanced production technologies, while remaining true to culinary origins and techniques. Joshua has traveled throughout Europe, researching best practices; he has sourced custom-made machinery; and he has partnered with the best farms and growers – both locally and around the world – to ensure the highest quality product.

The results speak for themselves. With 1,000–2,000 lbs. of charcuterie produced each day, both small and large customers are provided with quality products through New England Charcuterie’s wholesale production and distribution:

  • Partnering with Italian emporium Eataly has opened the New England Charcuterie facilities to brands of all sizes looking for custom products.
  • When in season, New England Charcuterie processes 6–12 whole animals each week for local farmers, giving them added value by producing hot dogs, salami, etc., they can then sell to their own customers. By always separating each farmer’s order, they are guaranteed that the products they receive from New England Charcuterie use only their own animals.
  • Creating custom salami using unique products like Trillium Brewing Company’s beer and grapes from select Napa Valley wine producers is a perfect complement to the daily production at New England Charcuterie.

There has been an outpouring of enthusiasm and orders from restaurants, consumers, and meat lovers alike. New England Charcuterie has also helped put Joshua’s Moody’s Delicatessen on the map of culinary destinations and received accolades from publications including The Boston Globe, GQ Magazine, the Phantom Gourmet, and Eater.